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35 Crore Ad Deal with Amir…. is it to ‘Invest’ or to ‘Waste’???

Recently there was news about Amir Khan being paid 35 Crores for an Ad deal with UAE Based telecommunication provider ‘Etisalat’ for three years contract.
It made me think “Is paying such a huge Amount is worth for an Ad deal or Celebrity Endorsement”???
Certainly I couldn’t make my mind to justify the deal. I feel that celebrity endorsement can help a brand to have a reach in mass market; but I don’t know how much effect they might be making on sales of the product.
Today’s customer is wise enough to take his own decisions and certainly buying decisions are influenced by the factors like quality of the product, different price offerings and packaging etc.
Take an example of Abhishek Bachhan endorsing Idea cellular, ZooZoo’s endorsing Vodafone or Deepika Padukone endorsing BSNL. Now think fairly… which of the above will really impact your buying decision??? I guess none of the above. I simply go to the shop, ask about the call rates, various plans offered by service providers and decide accordingly.

I feel there is always a risk of investing huge amount for celebrity endorsement, because celebrity endorsements are time bound or rather say performance bound. Amir gave a huge hit film ‘3 idiots’ and so he bagged 35 crore deal. But what if he will end up giving next three flop movies?? Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps was ditched by Kellogg’s after getting caught smoking a bong at a frat party, Kate Moss was ditched by Burberry after allegations of cocaine abuse. Similarly Gillete had to take action against Thierry Henry, Tiger Woods when they came into wrong news but certainly the major loss has to be bear by the company.
Sachin is endorsing around 15 brands whereas Dhoni is endorsing near about 30 brands; I am worried about consumer, because it’s very likely that associations of particular product get diffused when one celebrity is endorsing too many brands.
Sometimes the different brands endorsed by celebrities also creates problem in minds of consumer. For example Pakistani cricketer ‘Wasim Akram’ endorsing ‘Pepsi’ in spite of being diabetic and further more at the same time he is brand ambassador for ‘Accu-Check’; a blood glucose meter device.
Recently Genelia D’Souza has become brand ambassador for LG mobiles and Virgin India. Now let’s see what how much impact Genelia or Amir khan will make with their respective brands.
Comments Are most welcome in favor of –  Amir getting 35 Crore Ad deal is right… OR Celebrity endorsement really gets paid back………….!!!

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