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A Saturday; When Stock Market was open :)

I got up in the morning. As a usual habit opened the trading portal of JRG Securities. It was 10:AM; I was surprised to see that market was open (usually Saturday n Sundays are off). I was amazed, I just tried cross checking at rediff money, yahoo finance and economic times; none of them were showing market movement. But trading portal of JRG Securities was still working, I saw Suzlon @ 44.55 Rs, the best buy price. I bought 100 shares, sold at 47.65 a straight profit of 205 Rs in mere 30 seconds. I then saw DLF at 250 Rs. again a best buy, bought 30 shares; sold it at 310 again 1800 Rs profit.
I was happy to have 2000+ Rs profit, but was surprised as why rediff money, yahoo finance etc not showing the market. I called JRG Pune office, someone said market is off today, but I had profit. I called customer care, the customer care executive was astonished to know that I did trading on Saturday too. I had my customer ID, he even cross checked too.
Finally he gave me head office number, which as expected was Busy, busy n busy. I couldn’t connect there.
Whatever that be, I cannot forget that I had a profit on a Saturday when market was off. lolz.    🙂 🙂

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