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Ad Jingles - Not Any More!

Ad Jingles - Not Any More!

Would I make you laugh like mad if I reminded you of an ad slogan…?

Washing powder Nirma

Washing powder Nirma

doodh si safedi

Nirma se aaye

rangeen kapde bhi

khil khil jaaye

Sabki pasand Nirma…

Washing powder Nirma

Washing powder Nirma


Yes…that rings a bell in your brains, isn’t it?

This is something which makes me say, what brilliance did Nirma show. Despite the tough competition from Surf Excel and Ariel, Nirma’s jingle never changed.

So how did this jingle concept come around anyways?

As per it was on Christmas Eve, 1926 in Minneapolis, Minn., that the modern commercial jingle was born when an a cappella group called the Wheaties Quartet sang out in praise of a General Mills breakfast cereal. Executives at General Mills were actually about to discontinue Wheaties when they noticed a spike in its popularity in the regions where the jingle aired. So the company decided to air the jingle nationally, and sales went through the roof.

The wave grew so strong that it was everywhere in the world. Indian advertising industry too came out with its share of rhythm.

Take the example of Coke which had two jingles in a row, “Thanda Matlab Coca-Cola” and “Piyo sar utha ke”.

The magical part about jingles was that they grew so sharp that even if you started hating them, you couldn’t get them out of your head.

Take the example of Vicco turmeric’s “ayurvedic cream” jingle and the ultimate Lijjat Papad’s jingle” Kharram Khurram”.

But these days you don’t see much jingles spurring up.

So what is the reason?

There was a time when scoring on cultural and emotional aspects of consumer ended up on a sale.

But today though cultural aspect is still there, but the emotional aspect is dying down. Rational advertising is coming up big time. And a rational ad filling the cultural void is exactly what is fulfilling a customer’s need.

Take the example of FedEx whose tagline says, “When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.”

Or for that matter take the example of BMW called as -The ultimate driving machine in its slogan.

So rationality pitching in place of emotional connect is what depleting the usage of jingles.

Also these days a very heavy slogan-jingle is not required, as there are other ways to bring the product into notice.

One such method is product placement in movies.

Like puts it, brand- cameo has been very prominent. As per the website, the maximum brand cameo has been done by Apple, followed by Chevrolet, Ford and Dell.

Then the puns and satires in the slogans are taking place of the musical jingles. Take the example of Sprite with the tag line “Clear Hai!  Or Mentos with the tagline “Dimaag Ki Batti Zala De.

Or for that matter the old slogan , “Betcha can’t eat just one” of   Lay’s Potato Chips.

So today it is either about rationality combined with culture or just fun filled humor that gets attention.

After all as JPMorgan Chase Bank says via its tag line,

“The right relationship is everything”.

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