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Ads – To be continued

Ads – To be continued

You must have seen the LG phone ad of Genelia D’souza trying to drive off when her car gets stuck between two other cars. And then a message is received on her cell phone….”you are late”… she tries to take someone’s scooty….and …??

It says “to be continued…”

Yes, we are talking about, “to be continued” ads, or as I call them,

Ads – To be continued ….

“Cliffhangers”. Cliffhanger as per Wikipedia is an ending or stopping point calculated to leave a story unresolved, in order to create suspense. Yes that’s what these ads do. They end with unresolved stories leaving us hanging with the phrase” to be continued “after mere 30 sec of drama. They keep us wondering what would happen next.

There lies a whole compound of strategies behind the creation of such ads.

Primarily this is done to make the ad brand personality– proof. Though brand personality is very important to for a brand, but not always because in that case only the target market would want to watch the ad and many times he isn’t the customer but just consumer. So the brand personality-proof ideology leaves out this ambiguity. The anxiety created with the ads like in the above LG ad widens the viewer base thereby enlarging the customer base as well.

Secondly it acts as a barrier for the competitor to copy the feature soon .Like Pepsi when came up with blue Pepsi during world cup, kept all ads as cliffhangers keeping coke out of this sector.

Thirdly, it is a way of using the image of the brand ambassadors to the fullest. Taking the example of Akshay Kumar in thumps-up ads. People are aware of the fact that the ad would be about adventure and thumps- up but still Akshay Kumar keeps them wondering.

Cliffhanger is a psychological technique to create a constant anxiety making the product more appealing to a larger number of viewers.

So are they an alternative to the sequel advertisement. Certainly not!

Sequel advertisement is to increase recall value of already existing brand identity whereas cliffhangers which are meant to introduce a new brand identity.

Though both cliffhangers and sequel- ads give an idea about the kind of brand image forming out of the brand identity, Cliffhangers give a chance to retrace the path incase of unlikely circumstances and give a scope to tweak the identity as per convenience

I think cliffhangers or “to be continued” ads are a better strategy to sequel ads.

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