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Alpenliebe: TVC

Company:       Perfetti Van Malle India Pvt Ltd.
Brand:            Alpenliebe
Advt Type:     Television Commercial
Advt Agency:  McCann Erickson, India
Advt Title:       Monkey
Theme:           Irresistible Greed

Aadami Ho ya Bandar; Lalach Ek Shashwat Satya Hai !!
My Views: Alpenliebe has come up with Kajol once again with the same concept ‘Irresistible Greed’ – ‘Jee Lalchaye, Raha na Jaaye’ but with a fresh idea. I found it to be of more effective in terms of conveying the message proposition than previously advt of Crocodile with Kajol.
Though I feel that ‘Jee Lalchaye Raha Na Jaaye’ line was more effective in terms of memorabilty while comparing with the current commercial’s ‘Lalach Ek Shashwat Satya Hai’. The line sounds difficult to keep in mind as Hindi words like ‘Shashwat’ and ‘Satya’ etc are difficult to keep remember.
I guess Kids especially will like the advertisement a lot as Kajol dancing in front of Madari will be a fun watching for them.

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