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Brand Co-creation Vs Brand Endorsements – Ek aur ‘Sach’ by Tendulkar

Brand Co-creation Vs Brand Endorsements – Ek aur ‘Sach’ by Tendulkar
“Brand Co-creation Vs. Brand Endorsements”
Ek aur ‘Sach’ by Tendulkar

Last week I was in Big Bazzar for my routine shopping, I wanted to buy toothpaste. I just wanted any good mouth freshening Gel. I saw new toothpaste in racks, it was ‘Sach’. The display was shown with a big poster of Sachin Tendulkar and with a tagline ‘Din ki Shuruwat Sach se’. Initially I thought it as a one more brand Endorsed by Sachin.
But I was wrong, it was quite interesting to browse more information of ‘Sach’ as it is Co-created by Sachin Tendulkar himself. More interesting to know was it was not the first product co-created by Sachin Tendulkar, but he did it earlier in collaboration with ITC Foods by co-creating a line of health foods, called Sunfeast Sachin’s Fit Kit.
In my previous blogposts I have written about Brand Endorsements; So I thought why not to do a comparative study of Brand Endorsements Vs. Co-Creation.
Endorsement Vs Co-creation: Brand endorsement is a common practice where endorser involves in marketing and promotional activities of the product. But in co-creation the celebrities not just market the product but work from product development to its launch and later during major strategic decision also.
  • Celebrity involves in marketing and promotion only.
  • Involvement in product development to launch strategies along with marketing and promotional activities.
  • No Place/designation in company.
  • Holds place of power in company/related SBU
  • No Decision making.
  • Holds decision making power.
  • Gets paid for the pre-negotiated campaign price.
  • Gets paid as the part of revenue/net -profit

There are lot many products in the market which are co-created by celebrities. But many of us are not aware of it. For example for me Sunfeast was another brand endorsed by Sachin.
Let’s have a look at some more examples of Celebrity co-creation of brands.

Perfumes: Shahrukh Khan co-created Tiger Eyes by Jeanne Arthes. Bachchan’s perfume launched by Lomani was by his name. One more example in this category is Britney Spear’s perfumes.

Apparels: Hrithik Roshan’s Signature Line for John Players inspired from his dressings in Dhoom-2. Wrangler tied up with John Abraham to launch a premium prêt denim line called John Abraham by Wrangler.
Most Recent Example would be Hindustan Unilever re-launched Sunsilk in co-creation with seven global hair experts to give consumers salon-quality products. One more interesting example where Con
sumers are involved in co-creation can be Lays with it’s recent campaign of ‘Give Us Your delicious Flavour’; now consumers will be a part of co-creation. Isn’t it interesting?
From Customer’s Point of View:
Now, looking at Brand Co-creation from a customer’s point of view; it doesn’t make much difference for me whether Sunfeast was endorsed or co-created by Sachin.
One Obvious reason could be that the values associated with Sachin in my mind do not gel with offerings in Sunfeast or Sach Toothpaste. However Master Blaster Co-creating MRF Bats does makes sense for me. As I know that the skills of Sachin will add value while product developmet of Cricket Bats and in-turn it creates a difference of Co-creation for me.
Harish Bijoor, Brand-strategy specialist & CEO, Harish Bijoor Consults Inc, says, “Dixit may not be as qualified to co-create beauty products as perhaps a Shanaaz Hussain would be.” I am truly agreed as values associated with Shahnaaz Hussain for beauty products are stronger than with Madhuri Dixit. Though Emami co-created personal care products with Madhuri Dixit, today’s housewife is smart enough to believe on Shahnaaz Hussain’s formula of fairness rather than believing Kareena Kapoor’s misleading claim of ‘turned fair in two week’s time due to some new fairness cream’.
Any further example of brand co-creation or would be possible combinations by celebrities are most welcome. For example Co-creation of MRF bats by Sachin Tendulkar.

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