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Customer Centric Innovations in Daily Life Examples

Customer Centric Innovations:
Yesterday I was watching a TV Commercial; it was a TVS Scooty Advertisement. It was about the side balancing wheels in Scooty… Learning Scooty is no more difficult for girls now.

Scooty is in market for several years but a little innovation made the product even better. Nowadays companies are focusing so much on Customer Centric Innovations. Let’s have a look at some of the examples which came to my mind from some products which we use in daily routine life.
The market leader in Dish wash category VIM has been modified with the polycot bar, a patented technology which provides plastic coating on five sides of the bar. This directly addressed a long-standing consumer concern in the dish-wash area – the problem of soggy bars and wastage thereof. Though it was a very small innovation but it addressed the crowd of all women’s facing the problems of soggy bars.
Asian paints started offering Samplers (200 ml paint packs) which can be used to sample shades on the wall. It made customers able to try different colors on their walls. Similarly small sachets of Hair Shampoos increased the sales of the shampoos as the affordability increased.
Aloo Tikki Burger by MacDonalds and highway menu like Lassi, Idli and Dosa by Barista Lavazza are some of the examples of increasing importance of customer centric innovations.
Project Shakti by HUL and e-choupal of ITC were again the customer centric innovations made in order to increase the penetration in rural markets of India.
Comments awaited for any more suggestions of customer centric innovations from daily life examples.

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