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eBay India TV Campaign Advertisement – Boyfriends

eBay India TV Campaign Advertisement – Boyfriends
eBay: Television Commercial

Company:         eBay
Advt Agency:   Weiden+Kennedy, India
Advt Type:       Television Commercial
Advt Title:        Boy Friends
Advt theme:     The ebay Way
My Views: A good commercial. Attracts your attention, gives a feeling of Counselling/discussions on television channels. The background of commercial is black & while, where is e-bay logo is colorful, so you will . They have added a humor part as well. A girl ask for 3 more boyfriends, and the counselor suggest her to go to e-bay; as you will get super deals, super SAFE. It says on this auction website you can get any thing.
I guess in terms of recall, I will rate it as average.

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