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Google Innovation Vs Facebook Rennovation

Google Innovation Vs Facebook Rennovation

Very recently I read an article about Facebook launching ‘Facebook Deals’, it’s already being tested in few countries.

What the heck!  Is that what Facebook mean to us? Won’t it diffuse the social image of facbook?

In just few years, Facebook has emerged as largest networking site and is now ready to beat Google.

Google – Horizontal Growth

Google always had the philosophy of being the BIG Brother. It became big with few innovations & numerous acquisitions and after many years of expansion, now Google owns various online segments. Its a Horizontal growth.

Facebook – Vertical Growth

Facebook after its start had shown a vertical growth. FB came up with lot of new features to change the online social perspectives. From a mere social network to include things like Games, video sharing, emoticons, Facebook deals, different ways of adverts and much more. It had a steep vertical growth, which means leading the industry with one product i.e a Social Networking site.

Facebook following Google’s path:

However, lately, it seems that Facebook is seeing the saturation and they are gradually acquiring the path of facebook. In recent with series of acquisitions with, Instagram, Lightbox,, Spaceport, branch, whatsapp and very recently Occulus VR, Mark Zuckerberg somewhere is projecting a decline in ‘social networking’ fad.

As per Industry news, Google as well has lately reduced the investment on GooglePlus due to not matching the growth expectation. Its been said, that they have moved the talent from Google Plus to Android verticle. 🙂

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