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Haywards5000; Mardangiri and Hausla Buland

Haywards5000; Mardangiri and Hausla Buland

Company:      SABMiller India
Brand:            hayward 5000
Advt Type:     Television Commercial and Street shows
Advt Agency:  Jagran Solutions, India
Advt Title:       Hausala Buland
Theme:           Mardangiri

My Views: The commercial has the theme of ‘Mardangiri’. A good commercial in terms of way of communication. The Sanjay dutt has an iconic personality of so called ‘Mard’; so he fits best in the category. In terms of recall I would rate it 4 star out of 5. The message conveyed is also clear.
But I guess there is a weakness of the advertisement that it caters to ‘Gents’ only. Isn’t it true that a big chuck of the target segments are females. Would they like to drink a bear which creates an specific imagery of ‘Man-ness or masculine personality’ rather than creating a general image of strong/hard personality.

It seems that The Jagran Solution along with SABMiller India has chosen to catch a path of ‘Direct Communication’. The above advertisement also is a kind of direct communication with audience rather than conveying a implied meaning.

Very recently Jagran Solutions has come up with a campaign of ‘Hausla Buland’ for rejuvenating the image of Haywards 5000. The campaign involves the street plays with a character called ‘Haywardian’ in different cities of Haryana and UP. The ‘Haywardian’ is an icon of optimistic personality which resembles the common Indian family man. The streetplay is interactive wherein they show that how Haywardian win over daily challenges with a optimism and hard work. The direct connect with common man by a beer brand might create an impact on change in perception of alcohol.

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