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Honda Unicorn Dazzler: TVC

Honda Unicorn Dazzler: TVC

Company        : Hero Honda
Brand              : Unicorn Dazzler
Advt Agency  : Oldschool Films
Advt Typ        : TVC
Advt Title       : Super Speed

My Views: I posted the previous blog post on Pulsor 135 (Light Sports). I found a major difference between the Adverts of Unicorn Dazzler and Pulsor 135, it was the ‘Frame of Reference’. Frame of reference refers to the association a customer makes with the name of the brand. In case of pulsor that association is about muscularity whereas in case of Honda Unicorn Dazzler; attempt has been made to create a new frame of reference i.e. Speed. The whole advert shows the superior speed of Unicorn. Wherever the vehicles passes things slows down.. to show the superiority of speed over life; with a tagline ‘A lifetime in every moment’. in terms of recall I would rate it average.

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