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Idea: OOH, Hoarding

Idea: OOH, Hoarding
Idea: Hoarding on roadside

Company:          Aditya Birla Group
Brand:               Idea
Advt Type:        OOH, Hoarding
Advt Agency:    Lowe Lintas, India

An Idea Can Change Your Life
My Views: Above such hoardings are placed at the more densely populated areas. The advertisement in telecom are more focussed on creating awareness about the *offers (newly launched). Brand like Idea have already been known to all, so advertisers need not have to focus on creating brand awareness. The word ‘gang’ itself relate to the ‘youth’ and/or ‘group’, the characters shown in advertisement are young, so it appeals to the youth/students. As the offer is for the group/friend circle, a group has been shown in advert.
I feel the message delivery to be good, though it’s not eye catching. Being an Hoarding, people cannot focus more on reading the text, so maximum message need to be conveyed by figures/graphs, I believe viewer might  not understand the offer in first view itself, or else he has to stop and read it. As the offers are not permanent they need not have a recall for long time, same is the case with such adverts.

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