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Iodex Headfast: TVC

Iodex Headfast: TVC

Company         : Glaxo SmithCline
Brand              : Iodex Headfast
Advt Agency  : JWT, Delhi, India
Advt Type      : TVC
Advt Title       : ForeHead Canvass,

Iodex : Iodex is in the market since year 1919. If we talk in terms of positioning ‘Iodex’ is being positioned as a balm used for general body pains, more preferably ‘below the neck’ pains. All the adverts are focussed in family environment, where it was tried to position as a balm useful for pains due to daily home chores.
Iodex Headfast: Now very recently GSK launched a new variant of Iodex, called ‘Iodex Headfast’. I think the brand iodex will have both positive n negative impacts on it. Positives would be the brand recall of Iodex and the reach in market. Negatives would be the association with brand ‘Iodex’ as- ‘below the neck’ pain reliever. It will be difficult for consumers to digest ‘Iodex’ as a head ache reliever.
I think, it could have been better if they could have positioned it asHeadfast by Iodex instead ‘Iodex headfast’.
What do you say??

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