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Levi’s: TVC | ForePlay – Change Your World.

Levi’s: TVC | ForePlay – Change Your World.
Company:        Levi’s
Advt Agency:   JWT, India
Advt Type:      Television Commercial
Advt Title:       Foreplay
Campaign:       Change Your World
My Views: Foreplay!! As the title suggests, advertisement is based somewhat on foreplay. Levi’s is a youth brand, so does their advertisement carries an element of sex appeal, same is the case here. The advertisement is confusing though, it might happen that even after watching the Advertisement for 2-3 times, one might not get the exact message. At least I didn’t get the meaning in one go. I just understood that there are some free accessories being gifted with Levi’s jeans.
The following advertisement is a part of ‘Change Your World’ campaign, though I couldn’t find much association between the two. Lets see the advertisement and then we will talk more about the campaign.
ForePlay – Change Your World

Change Your World: The Campaign is designed by JWT,India; in order to celebrate the 15 successful years of Levi’s in India. The Campaign was launched by Priyanka Chopra. The campaign aims at creating a bonding between the brand with Indian youth. Levi’s will attempt to reach to their consumers on several levels be they Music, Art or Symbols of Americana.
In this Campaign Levi’s will choose young Rock Band in India, who will get a chance to create a music video featuring Priyanka Chopra. Through their website ( they will also promote musicians on website, wherein surfers will have tuned in to the brand new sound.
Apart from that on purchase of Levi’s jeans above 1000 Rs, customers will also get chance to win Customised Chevy Bags, iPhones, MacBooks, iPod Shuffles and many more accessories.
Now Let’s see how much do the campaign ‘Change the Levi’s, India World’

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