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M – Blaze where ‘M’ stand for ‘Mistake’

It is my first blog on product review…. writing just to throw my frustration out.

M-Blaze where ‘M’ stand for ‘Mistake’. Yep, I am saying it with my personal experience.

We bought M-blaze for 2499 with a attractive plan of 15 GB free download at a massive speed of 3.1 Mbps. Being a group of well educated people, we did some study before buying it (browsing on internet, meeting and discussing with sellers) and got to know that MBlaze is supported on the “EV-DO technology”. EV-DO (Evolution-Data Optimized or Evolution-Data Only) is a telecommunications accepted for the wireless transmittal of data through receiver signals, typically forBroadband Cyberspace access.

Shop keeper (seller) said that M-blaze claims that any one can access you tube video’s with zero buffer time and some other selling points.

But later, when we bought it…. we were amazed it was giving a speed of 0 Kbps. We were not able to connect ‘File Zilla’ or ‘Front Page’ also. I guess, M-Blaze’s claim of watching youtube videos may be right… provided you are successful opening ‘’, which was quite difficult.

I have used many such CDMA modems like Reliance, Idea etc…. but M-blaze shown a highest speed of 1500Kbps for a sec… I was amazed…. but fluctuation is surprising… next moment it was again on Zero.

We already had heard a lot about the ‘Customer care’ service of M-blaze.. so none of us could dare to call customer care.

Moral of the story… ‘Better take info of customers experience instead of trapping in false claims of product offerings of company.’ Hope you have got my experience.  🙂

All Victims are requested to put in their reviews too …. :-/

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