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My Purpose of Living???

Yesterday 25th February I meet AMMA. As of my last 3-4 meetings the experience was almost the same. Whenever I meet Amma, a thought comes to my Mind; Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life??

I always feel as if my meetings with Amma carries a hidden message…. though she never spoke to me anything other than ‘My dearest Kid’ ……

During that 4-5 Hrs of being in premises for Darshan of Amma.. lot of different thoughts comes to my mind. and one thought which always makes me feel uncomfortable is; What is my purpose of living?? I might not think about it later… but those few Hrs change my thinking drastically.
During my last visit to meet Amma, I had the same experiences…. But now I was little more serious about the ‘Answer’ to my question. I felt that looking for a descent job, earning a good money and providing all luxury to my parents and family is not just something I am striving for.

Money alone might not give me that inner sense of satisfaction in life. I must do something which will make me happy and my mind peaceful.

Then suddenly from somewhere the thought came to mind of ‘opening a school for poor kids’. The same thought was there in my mind for years… But now I felt that I must start working on the road-map. I am capable enough to start a service for free education to poor kids… having a larger friend’s network will help me get more and more volunteers for this social cause.

All I need is an Initiative… things will automatically follow. ‘Paul Koelho in ‘Alchemist’ have said “The strongest desires to achieve the goal change all the odds into evens”.

But again, the second thought comes to my mind is; I myself is not stable yet with any descent job, neither my Business has been set up yet to go for such big tasks for social cause.

I think if my Business will pick the momentum… I will definitely go for changing my thoughts into Action. All I need is the wishes n Blessings from the Almighty.Finding Your life’s Purpose

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