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Nokia 2690 – Dikhao apna Standard!!!

Nokia 2690 – Dikhao apna Standard!!!
Dikhao Apna Standard!!

Company:         Nokia India

Brand:              Nokia 2690
Advt Agency:   Not Known
Advt Type:       Television Commercial
Advt Title:        Dikhao Apna Standard

My Views: As Nokia 2690 is economic phone, wherein target customers will be any age segment preferably youth. The commercial shows a rural back ground and people shown seems to be from middle or lower middle class background. In commercial they have tried to focus on the particular feature of 8 GB memory card and camera, which is the USP of Nokia2690. Other than that they have tried to include humor so as to make it interesting.
In terms of recall I think it will be above average as I would remember it for 8 GB memory card, might not be because of commercial.

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