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Oregon Lottery:Print Ad

Oregon Lottery:Print Ad

Company:             Oregon Lottery
Advt Agency:        Borders Perin Norrander, USA
Advt Type:            Print Media
Advt Title:             Big Ones
Advt Theme:        It Does Good Things!!

My Views: Before talking about above Ad, Let me give you a brief idea of Oregon Lottery. It’s a USA based company, they offer various games like lottery, raffle, powerball etc . The really good part of the lottery is that the profit earned by company is used for various economic development projects for education, infrastructure etc. Isn’t it interesting??
A very effective Ad, easily grabs your attention. The hand is catching mosquito, message is clear for me that it must be related to some mosquito disease i.e. malaria. The hand shown in picture is made up of many mathematical symbols and equations, which is explaining that it must be a researchers hand. The white text over black back-ground make it effective, more-over the fonts use also attracts attention.

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