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Orkut Vs Facebook and Future of Social networking..

Facebook has been increased rapidly in last few years and recently it has out-numbered google in terms of clicks. Facebook has 350 million users world-wide. Why facebook has been increasing so rapidly? and Why Orkut’s growth is getting stagnant.

I was reading an article by Kevin wise, an professor from State Univ. Washington. He did a research to find out the user behaviors of Facebook users. He has categorized the users into two broad category Social networking and Social browsing.
Social Networking: following certain users/groups or communities for pure purpose of networking.
Social Browsing: without any specific goal; just browsing the site. it may include playing games, or using some fun applications.
Difference between Orkut and Facebook

When we talk about ORKUT it’s all about Social Networking. users on orkut always engaged in either scrapping friends or browsing some specific communities, commenting or uploading pics. Means the purpose is to stay connected to friends or communities. though now orkut applications are also launched but still orkut is not much successful as compared to facebook.
Taking about FACEBOOK, it’s a good mixture of Social Networking and Social Browsing. Users of Facebook spend even more time on Social Browsing than on Social Networking. Games like Mafia wars, Farm Ville etc by Zinga have become so successful that millions of users play it. apart from it, facebook also have all the Social networking features too like writing on wall, uploading n commenting on Pics etc.
Future of Social Networking:
With the increasing pace of communication, number of social networking sites has been launched in last few years. But I believe that somewhere networking gets diffuse when a open portal allows people of different interest groups/purpose. As in orkut or facebook one  is not able to follow any specific interest.
lets take example of Twitter, users of twitter follow it just because of a very specified purpose of micro-blogging (sharing/spreading thoughts). But on Facebook or Orkut; we don’t have any specific purpose, or may be we decide it after log-in depending on mood.
I believe that in coming few years people will move towards forming a networking community for a very specific interest groups people. for example community of lecturers or community of Cardiologists, Automobiles companies etc. where they all will come and join it for a very specific purpose of leveraging benefits associated with each other.
With the same concept in mind we at ThoughtLabs decided to go for a networking solution for Alumni called ‘CampusBeats‘.
Where we will divide it again to form a very specific user groups So that users will know why are they log-in on the portal.

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