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Product Placements

Product Placements

As per Wikipedia, Product placement, also called as embedded marketing, is a form of advertisement, where branded goods or services are placed in a context usually devoid of ads, such as movies, the story line of television shows, or news programs.

How describes it as a sort of “art imitating art imitating life” scenario — where ads are imitating the practice of product placement.

So is it an excellent strategy?

Well…it s a very good alternative to TV ads.

People find TV ads very predictable. With all the themes, be emotional, humorous or rational, been used numerous times and still hiding away the main features of the product, monotony seeps in.

But in product placement, the product gets numerous ambassadors, a real life usage scenario and all this leads to good promotion.

But a negative side to it is that the movie promos never show the products. The products are shown only in the movie theaters or when screened on television. Also there is a confusion regarding the ads shown during the television screening of the movie. They may be of the competitors.

One good point is that The ROI can be measured easily in such placements as compared to normal ad posters .As per wiki, Quantification methods and Rating systems like audience recall rates to do this.

Also the penetration factor is way higher than ad posters with relatively less effort put in.

Moreover product placement leads to less cognitive dissonance and more reliable image formation.

One major disadvantage, though, present is that this strategy can be easily copied by the competitors. And this is one platform where you can’t put any copywriter stings. Take the example of cars and laptops when it comes to product placement.

Also a movie may have many product placements of various unrelated products. And here is one platform where your product may get unnoticed because of a product from unrelated category.

Yes…so if a fairness cream is placed in a movie with, say a car, the people will only notice the car.

Hence I feel Product placement is good strategy as not much effort is to be put in it. But the strategy has a very short life span. And because of this introducing a new product or product feature may be a very dangerous.

So we can’t solely depend on it.

But it may be an excellent recall gaining promotional strategy.

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