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Sony Vaio: Go Vivid

Sony Vaio: Go Vivid

Company        : Sony
Brand              : Vaio
Advt Agency  : Not Known
Advt Type      : Print Ad
Advt Title       : Go Vivid

My Views:
The advertisement is showcasing Kareena with different colored dresses. The punch line ‘Go Vivid’ it self explains that Vaio comes in different colors. I feel the message is cleared as Kareena is also showed in different colors with Vaio. The dressing sense of kareena is modern so as to match with Vaio. Means Vaio is also coming with the latest version of windows i.e windows7. Advert is showing the pricing of laptop alos so as the viewers can compare it with available options. As per recall is concern I will rate it above average.

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