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Taalimar Entertainment: a new approach by

Taalimar Entertainment: a new approach by

Advertisement Type:               Series of Television Commercials
Avertisement Agency:            Law & Kenneth

Advertisement Title:               Taalimaar Entertainment

Law & Kenneth struck the right chord when they rolled out with Taalimaar Entertainment TVC for In the TVC, they took actor Vijay Raaz and he fits best for the owner of Taalimar Entertainment. He compares his entertainment company with His mute assistant ‘Jaan’ meanwhile secretly seems to be a fan and shows glimpses of the entertainment provided by the website. The TVC ends with a voiceover that says “Boss for everything in music and movies, on your mobile and PC is on” before Raj disagrees with it saying, for entertainment only Taalimar Entertainment.

On the TVC, Charles Victor, national creative director, Law & Kenneth said, “It’s a little boring to listen to entertainment brands thumping their own chest, telling you how excitingly unique they are and trying to compel you to tune/log in. We decided to take a stand and tell people not to log on to by creating this character who represent Taalimaar Entertainment – the No.1 entertainment company (according to him!). Backed by a brave client, we also collectively agreed that our communication needs to be as entertaining as the business we are in.”

As is entertainment provider, so its TVC must be entertaining, so does they took quirky and disruptive approach for the TVC. This is the first time advertised in mass media and they came with a bang, this TVC will be in consumers mind for a long time because of its unorthodox approach and deenchak ishtyle.

Finally as is an entertainment brand their TVC is also quite entertaining.

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