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Tata Nano: TVC

Tata Nano: TVC

TATA Nano: Aapki Khushiyon ki Chaabi

And there it came…I was wondering why are they not releasing a TVC for Tata Nano. It came and it came with everything it stands for.  I’ve been terribly bored of car TVCs of different car brands, which kind of look the same.  They will choose most picturesque locations,  and our ‘desirable’ car will be taking turns in slow motion or sometimes speeding on clean roads and then doing all the twisting and twirling like every other car. Oh yes, they perhaps experiment with the amount of light falling on the car and with the camera angles (left, right, up, front, rear and what not?). Yes, it’s not wrong that any car’s looks matter a lot. Also the ability to twist and twirl could make one feel how good the ride would be. But is that it? Is that’s all a car stands for? Looks and ability to move round and round is all what one would use to woo a customer?

I was bored with all these…In between came one ad which was different and I loved watching it. That was Tata Manza. More about it, later. Let’s first talk about Tata Nano…Wow!What an ad. I am sure you too would have noticed how much Tata Nano’s ad is close to what the brand represents. Did u see the one in which girl is waiting for the Nano to arrive in the village? This girl is waiting keenly for the new Nano to come. She’s on peak of her patience and asks her grandma, “when will it come?” The moment she gets a reply from grandma, she sees the Nano coming. She’s so sure that it’s their car because nobody else in the village seems to haves one. On the way, somebody says to the driver, “the road is rough ahead”. And then the vehicle is shown passing from there easily. Then, this watchman sees and says, “Its big”. The Nano reaches home and this girl oozing with happiness comes down and sees the car. She gives a look to the car as if she’s kissing it with her sight. As if they have been separated for long. As if she was dreaming about it for years. There in her eyes one could see what Nano stands for. It stands for all the hopes and dreams that a middle class family has about owning a car. What a clarity of thought the ad-maker had while ideating for the ad.

I have been impressed with such clarity once earlier. And that was Mahindra Scorpio’s ad. Remember the one in which a lady is shown walking in a desert with two glasses? She puts a glass in the sand, covers the entire glass with sand leaving just the top portion open. And then they show a golf ball reaching there. The very next moment the mighty Scorpro comes there flying and only then a viewer understands how much far the ball would have been hit from. The Scorpio owner would have hit it from far and travelled the distance in his Mighty SUV. The Scorpio comes flying and lands in style. The well dressed young gentleman comes out. Who could this person be? Must be a rich, tough and outgoing  person. Somebody who lives in style and possess sporty things. See, how clear the ad delineates who’s the target audience.

The Nano’s second ad also is so clear (the one in which couple is shown teasing each other on a traffic light). Tata has gifted this one lakh Rupees car to Indian public. The middle class man’s dreams have got fulfilled and that’s where they have hit in their ads too. Lately, Tata has been giving good ads you see. Tata Manza’s ad plus the music in it is one of my favorites. Tata Manza’s ad would have been just another addition to the boring, regular ‘twist and twirl’ ads. But just one insight made this ad, one great ad. That is insight is, ‘A car surely is fun to ride if the owner likes to drive it himself and not hands over the job to a driver’. They have a point. And see how beautifully they have executed their idea. The car does ALL the twisting & twirling but the person at the back is unaffected. He’s in fact enjoying his newspaper!!!

I wish other brands learn something from Tata’s and may be from Maruti  Suzuki too (Maruti after their Swift ad have been not so great. I am keeping aside their latest ad for company as a whole-‘For a country obsessed with mileage’. That is just awesome).  I don’t know what happened to them after Swift. Did u see their Estilo’s ad? And the Ritz? I didn’t like them at all. Well, let’s not end it at what I did not like. Let’s end it on a positive note . So, thumbs-up for you Nano!!!

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