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Company:          TVS Motors
Brand:               TVS Jive
Advt. Type:       TVC
Advt. Agency:   Bates141, India
Advt Title:         Friends
“TVS Jive: The No Tension Bike”
My Views: The advertisement is not much different than other two wheelers advertisements. The Auto Clutch technology is new in market so I feel that they could have presented a comparative performance to show that ‘auto clutch’ involves much comfort and ease as compared to other two wheelers. Even after watching this ad I (some of my friends too) have many questions in mind regarding the technology. My personal opinion is that, they must have focussed on creating awareness of the product during first few ads, to clear the doubts; would have made more impact.
Other than that message delivery is good. The characters involved are the general people, So any once can relate the attributes to a ‘middle class family’ so is the target market for the bike. The line ‘The No Tension Bike’ is effective which conveys the message in itself.
I might not have a brand recall, after looking at the advertisement.

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