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Whisper Vs Stayfree: Marketing Study

Whisper Vs Stayfree: Marketing Study
Whisper Vs Stayfree: Marketing Study

Brand Comparison:

Johnson n Johnson
Target Customer
15-20 years females
15-30 years females
Target Segment
Mid Tier
Desired Positioning
Premium but satisfies the needs both physically n emotionally.
To stand out from queue.
*Frame of Reference
Sense of Security n Feminity
Overnight protection n affordable
Brand Personification
Empathetic, introvert, self-accepting, calm
Girly, active, reflective
Have a Happy Period
Vigilant Nights
Marketing Extension, Whisper Diary of secrets and Whisper School Health and Hygiene Education
Teen’s resources sharing through website.
*Frame of reference: Frame of reference is the association of brand in the minds of customer with any particular category or feature. It is used to create a point of difference among two similar products so as to create a distinction in minds of consumers.
Campaign Comparison:

‘Vigilant Nights’ by Stayfree: The campaign focused on creating a new sub category of ‘Overnight Protection’. Campaign was successful as it was able to create a new category, in which it stood alone to be winner. Stayfree tried to focus on mid tier segment as a affordable brand which offers ‘valur for Money’.
‘Have a happy Periods’ by Whisper:  It was the most successful campaign which was accepted worldwide. The campaign tried to hit a sensitive chord of women life. I think it was the first campaign where the word ‘periods’ was used openly, whereas in other adverts the general connotations used are ‘those days’ etc. But whisper for the first time tried to create imagery that ‘periods’ are not something shy about. It is generally considered as the most painful days and it was something which a woman hates.
Whisper beautiful carved a campaign, the aim of which is to communicate that ‘menstruation’ is the sign of feminity, fertility and moreover re-production. It let women know about their body. So, instead of having a shyness or hatred, let’s accept it happily. Since Whisper wanted to create a positioning of premium category, such adverts make sense as the premium class is educated enough to talk and express the words like ‘periods’.
Whisper also started some initiative like, Whisper Diary of secrets and Whisper School Health and Hygiene Education to create awareness among girls about the hygienic issues. Whisper also launched a website to interact with other users, so as to create openness in talks.
If we compare the two brands in terms of marketing campaign, I think ‘Have a Happy Period’ campaign should be the winner in above marketing and branding exercise.
(Note: all the expressed views are solely mine; I have no intentions to implicitly categorize any branding exercise superior or inferior)
Comments for further discussion and debate are welcome from marketing freaks  J

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