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Why the hell she don’t say it Directly??

I got a message from a girl; it says-

“Sometimes ‘Sorry’ means ‘It’s not my fault it’s yours, accept it; it would make me feel better’……”
“Sometimes ‘Good Night’ means ‘Don’t keep the phone silly, I want to talk more’…….”
“Sometimes ‘Take Care’ means ‘I am not well and need to be cared for’……..”
“Sometimes “Disconnecting a phone” means “Call me back I want you to persuade ┬áme with something Special..”
“Sometimes ‘Thank you’ means ‘You could have done it the other way not to hurt me’……..”
“Sometimes ‘Smile’ means ‘More than Tears’…….”
“Sometimes ‘Tears’ are more satisfying than ‘Smile’……..”

There are very few who understands these exceptionalities……….

I Don’t understand the meaning of saying everything other-way round. Especially for ‘Boys’ who needs so much time to understand even ‘Direct things’ said by girls.

”Why the hell they don’t say it directly???”

any further addition of such ‘Reverse-Meaning” words will be highly appreciated.

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