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Brand Ambassadors Creating Confusion….. what do u say??

Brand Ambassadors Creating Confusion….. What do u say??
I believe Indian consumers are different than others as they develop more association with the product or even more with the Brand Endorser. It’s being said that Celebrities in India are like Contemporary God. Each God has its own followers and most important is no-one knows when God is gonna show magic. In India only two celeb Gods are there i.e. Cricketers and Film Stars. One reason could be the fact, that on one side where we are divided by so many factors like religion, cast, language etc. But when it comes to Cricket or Movies we get unify. So Cricket and Film celebs are the most successful in Indian context.
Well I think Celebrities are the people, who create more confusion among the consumers. I have two reasons for it-
1. Each celebrity endorses so many brands
2. Nowadays Single brand is being endorsed by multiple celebrities.
Lets discuss both points:
1. Each celebrity endorses so multiple brands:
Sachin is endorsing around 15 brands whereas Dhoni is endorsing near about 30 brands, even king Khan is endorsing multiple brands; I am worried about consumer, because it’s very likely that associations of particular product get diffused when one celebrity is endorsing too many brands. Take example of Shahrukh khan endorsing ITC Sunfeast at one hand and bagpiper Club soda at other hand. Now for a consumer like me it’s quite difficult to associate the brand personification of Shahrukh with either of the brands.
2. Nowadays Single brand is being endorsed by multiple celebrities:
It’s becoming a trend of using multiple endorsers for single brand. Though Gillette was using this strategy for long, now it has become common among all brands. Take example of pepsi endorsed by many cricketers and now Ranbir kapoor is endorsing it. Garnier by Chitragandha, Aishwarya and Genelia, Clinic All clear by Bipasa and Asin, Goodnight by Rani Mukharji and Vidya Balan.
Why do they do so?
Well, I think there could be two major reasons.
a. It’s a well known fact that celebrity endorsement always carries a risk of dependency of it on Consistent performance of celebrity; whether he is a Cricketer or Film Star, if they are not performing means it creates a direct impact on products endorsed. So, having multiple endorser means; it works as a defensive strategy to bring forward the glowing face and to hide the non performing ones.
b. All celebrities have their own association of characters and also followers. So multiple endorser helps in creating the association of different traits of the product. But it works well, if really your product is associative. Take example of Goodnight (Endorsed by Rani Mukharji and Vidya Balan) I really not associated as much with the brand that if I won’t get it in a superstore I won’t buy another one. So here when such products are very much commoditized; other strategies like pricing or offers etc helps.
Now take another example of Garnier (Endorsed by Aiswarya or Geneliya D’souza) this brand has it’s association with consumers. If it will be endorsed by multiple brand ambassadors, it will be fruitful.
So, celebrities endorsing multiple brands or brands endorsed by multiple celebs are creating confusion somewhere in minds of consumers.
As I mentioned in earlier blogpost also, some successful brands like ZooZoo’s by vodaphone, Mentos, Tata tea – jago re, Bingo and Surf Daag acche hai etc are some of the successful brands without any celebrity endorsement.

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