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Common faces: The New Ambassadors

Common Faces: The New Brand Ambassadors

Common Faces: The New Brand Ambassadors

You see a girl with beautiful curls jumping in an ad and explaining how Dove made it possible. But what do you know, there are more such ads.

So what is the common thread?

Well, all these ads have new faces rather than celebrity ambassadors.

Is this a beginning of a new trend?

Or is it an old strategy put into application now?

It is the latter as per my knowledge. It is a strategy which has gained momentum now.

So why choose fresh faces over celebrity ambassadors? Does it always come down to being economical? I disagree. Companies like Unilever won’t think of economical advertisement.

Then is it a matter of credibility? Are we going by the opinion that showing fresh faces make people believe the product is more effective?

Certainly not!

I feel it is just the association which is formed differently.

People associate with a brand quickly when endorsed by fresh faces as compared to when endorsed by celebrity.

One reason behind this is the fact that people no longer go for the craze behind the product. Rather they go for the utility which is best shown by fresh faces. Take the example of face washes for women. Mostly brands use fresh faces. You have Clean & Clear and Ponds as the ideal examples.

There is a twist here though. The men face washes are endorsed majorly by celebrities. Shahid Kapoor endorsing Vaseline men face wash and John Abraham endorsing Garnier skin-lightening face-wash are few good examples. But the reason behind this is to make the idea of men using face washes sound normal.

The whole difference lies in the kind of association the brand is looking for with the people. Also a lot depends on the brand identity and the brand essence. If it needs a support of a recognized face, then celebrity can be the endorser. But if the appeal to be brought is more for the masses, then fresh face endorsements are the best.

You can see this difference in the soup ads. Knorr soups are endorsed by Kajol whereas Maggie soups are endorsed by fresh faces. Similarly Boost is endorsed by Sachin Tendulkar whereas Bournvita is endorsed by fresh faces.

Competition also makes a brand decide whether to go for fresh face endorsements or celebrity endorsements. Take the example of biscuits. There is a stiff competition in the biscuit market. Hence you have plenty of celebrity endorsements in this sector. You have Shahrukh Khan endorsing Sunfeast, Hritik Roshan endorsing Parle Milano and Sachin Tendulkar endorsing Parle-G.

Another major trend is when both fresh faces and celebrity endorsements are used together for the same brand. Take the example of Pantene, where common college going girls and Shilpa Shetty together come in the ad. Then you have Muthoot Finance having celebrities and common people together sharing the frame. Another good example would be of Olay.

So this proves that the whole decision depends upon the type of brand identity created and the relative value proposition strength of the brand

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