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Finally Munni ZANDU Balm ho hi gayi

Finally Munni ZANDU Balm ho hi gayi
Finaly ‘Munni Badnaam Hui’ songs controversy is ended up with a un-expected note that ‘Malaika Arora’ will be a new brand ambassador for Zandu brand of Emami.
When all this exercise was going on.. I was just trying to figure out more information about following;
  • Zandu Balm as a Brand and it’s Brand strategy?
  • How does the word ‘Jhandu’ (pronounced same as Zandu ) came to the common language, with a meaning as ‘Fool’ or ‘one with low IQ’???
  • Does Zandu Balm as a brand will really have a negative impact on brand in short/long term due to Munni Badnaam Hui song controversy?
So Lets start with Zandu Balm.
Zandu Balm as a Brand:
Zandu company was founded in year 1864 with the name of ‘Rasa Shala’ which was later named as Zandu in year 1910 to make it a pharmacy to sell ayurvedic products. In 1919 Zandu come up with IPO to become public. Since then with the vision of ‘Propagating and promoting science of Ayurveda’ Zandu has grown to be a market leader in its category.
Zandu was acquired by Emami in year 2008 by buying 27% stake in the company. It gave a real depth in terms of brand extension to Emami. As per Emami Investor – June’10 report, Zandu Balm holds 61% of the Rupees 3507 Million market.
Post acquisition there were lot of changes in the marketing and branding strategies of Zandu Balm. The brand had the reach but still it was not able to trap the youth segment. Then Zandu roped in Genesis as it’s agency and the Ad guru Prahlad Kakkar as a director of the Ad video. Zandu balm got youth brand ambassadors in form of Virendra Sehwag, Dinesh Karthik and Amit mishra to promote the brand. As the cricketers have the highest reach and influence, and all three are young that was found to be the best fit.
There was a remarkable change in Zandu’s Business strategy. Some of it includes:
· Aggressive promotion through celebrities
· Expand distribution – reach rural
· Differentiated ‘Value For Money’ products
· Product innovation to enter new categories
· Brand extensions Entry in new geographies – drive exports
· Leveraging existing distribution network
Source* Emami Investor June’10 report.
MUNNI Badnaam Hui Controversy:

When Emami sued, Film makers of Dabang for using the word ‘Zandu Balm’ in a song without their prior permission, I was thinking the impacts of it on Brand Zandu.
Positives: The Zandu did not had much online presence before the song controversy. But it got so much hype by media that now you just go to Google search any word with Zandu Balm, you will find first thousands of pages about the controversy. The song was the super hit of year 2010, so as Zandu balm got even more publicity. The reach is increased by many-folds. I think it would be 100’s times more successful than any paid commercial of Zandu Balm.
Negatives: The brand Zandu has very old history of more than 100 years. The word used in song  ‘Jhandu balm’ was used in a wrong sense of ‘Foolish’ or ‘Dumb’. Association of such meanings with any brand may be harmful to the brand identity and in-turn the users of it. Promoting such words in songs may result in increase in usage of it in common language by masses.

Munni Zandu Balm Hui:

So, finally as per out of court settlement mediated by Prahlad Kakkar, it is decided that Malaika will be next brand ambassador for Zandu and she will promote zandubalm with songs promotion.
The best part is th
at Zandu was already looking for rejuvenating it’s brand and was trying to engage youths by brand ambassadors like Virendra Sehwag. Now, having Malaika Arora Khan as a brand ambassador and promotion through ‘Munni Badnaam Hui Song’ will further increase the popularity among youth. The way whole exercised happened, some criticized that it may be a pre-planned publicity stunt.
Even though Zandu is getting publicity due to song… still the meaning conveyed is wrong. It is giving a wrong identity to Zandu. Don’t you all feel that in short term, Zandu balms revenue may jump but in long run it may tarnish the identity of the brand. I mean promoting it with Virendra Sehwag makes sense, but my grandfather might not like to use a balm.. Which is promoted by an item girl in a rock song.

What do you say???

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