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Is Cadbury replacing Traditional Sweets and Kurkure replacing Traditional Snacks??

Is Cadbury replacing Traditional Sweets and Kurkure replacing Traditional Snacks??

I am going to talk about two products which I think are changing their positioning in order to penetrate and create a long term sustainability in Indian market. These two products are Cadbury and Kurkure.
Cadbury’s recent commercial ‘Din ka Shumbarambh‘ is liked and praised by many people. The extension of ‘Kuch Meetha ho Jaaye’ from series of ‘Pappu Pass Ho Gaya‘, ‘Miss Paalampur‘ and now to ‘Din ka Shubharambh’ is quite successful in changing the positioning of Cadbury from a normal chocolate to Sweets (Meetha). With the large sizes of packs like ‘Celebration pack’ Cadbury is trying to capitalize on an un-organised  market of traditional sweets. Even the idea is accepted by people and ‘To The Point’ Ads by Ogilvy India is further fueling the trend.

Traditional Sweets

Cadbury Celebrations

Similar to Cadbury, another brand which I think is still un-noticed up to some extent is ‘Kurkure’. Frito Lays flagship product Kurkure is launched in 1999 and has successfully crafted it’s position. Kurkure positioned it as a ‘Chai Time Snacks’ and now moving ahead with replacing Indian Traditional Snacks like Namkeen, Shev, Pakora, Bhujia and all. The Kurkure is focussed on matching the local taste with more n more variants by using traditional spices.

Kurkure Fruit Chat Traditional Snacks

Now the QUESTION is whether Cadbury & Kurkure will be successful in replacing the Traditional Sweets & Snacks  or they really need to struggle??
I guess if we look at the acceptance both the product are being accepted by market. In urban market the bandwidth of acceptance is high (in my home, we do bring celebration packs of Cadbury on festivals). As there are no other competitors targeting the particular niche, Cadbury and Kurkure both have certain advantage. (I agree that there are competitors, but say for Cadbury no other competitor are positioning them as ‘Sweets’ same is the case with ‘Kurkure’). Take an example of ‘Kelloggs’ when launched was the stand alone player in breakfast cereal, so easily got the 70% market share, which now creates a barrier for other players entry. I mean to say that ‘First Mover Advantage’ will always be there.
If we look at the BARRIERS to Replace the Traditional Sweets and Snacks; I found three strong barriers:
1. Price
2. Taste
3. Culture
Still the un-organised market of traditional sweets and Snacks are more affordable for general people. Though the urban market is quite acceptable to change (even some factors like hygiene issues with Corner Store’s Sweets, creates acceptance for Cadbury) but is very difficult to change the culture of Rural Market. As the Rural market is bound by cultural ties and tradition (whatever happens my mom prepares Kheer on my B’day :))
Comments on any other such products which are successful in changing positioning or Comments on the acceptance and barriers of Cadbury and Kurkure are most welcome.

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