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Read this page first. If your question has still not been answered, visit the Contact Us page of our feedback site.

Introduction is a normal and fairly un-exemplary addition to the web. It’s a platform for marketing enthusiasts where they can have some good time. Marketing Curry is your own platform where you can send and publish your own analysis and observation of day to day marketing happenings around. This is also a space where you can share the normal and not so normal marketing tactics that happens in your day to day life, and maybe realize that you are not alone in experiencing all these normal and not so normal stuff. This site is meant to be moderately amusing and can be read on a daily basis if you have absolutely nothing better to do.

Who’s behind

We are. We are assisted by computers, food, water, and tiny amounts of sleep, also by a diligent team of monkeys specially trained to replace the pronoun “i” with “I”.

I am a newbie, how should I start?

Just send your articles, posts and small marketing incidents on Once the post will be approved by moderator, we will upload it with your details.

How much Time will it take by moderator to approve/disapprove the post?

To be published, your post will be tested in several categories. A significant portion of your post’ time will be taken up with marching, drill ceremonies, and lots of standing in formation. Each story must be able to perform 13 push-ups, 17 sit-ups, and a one-mile run in under eight and one half minutes. Each story must also complete a standardized test, and receive at least a 1500 combined score between the mathematics, writing, and reading sections. We may also consider a story’s essays, recommendations, interviews, and its involvement in extracurricular activities. Finally, the posts will be read by moderator, generally the post will be moderated in 24 hrs of posting. The members will be notified by mail about the status.

Something is wrong and I can’t figure it out! Can you help?

Just relax. Bring your towel. Don’t panic.

Why has my posts not been approved?

Because it sucked.
…or hasn’t been moderated yet
…but it probably just sucked.

Why should I send my post on

Because you love marketing and you got brain.

Why should I create a member’s account?

Because you can do fun things with an account, like comment on posts and change your password.

I’d like to receive the all Marketing Curry posts automatically when I’m using my computer.

That’s not a question.

How come you guys don’t have a random post option? Why don’t you guys have a mobile site for this? Why is the site so slow? Why don’t you guys have an API yet?

Because we are lazy and slow. We are working on all of these things, though.

What are the terms and conditions?

The content should be original, and you should be a human.

Where is the FAQ?

You’re dumb.

Hope it helps…