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mEducation : A new drive

mEducation : A new drive

Need not say that education is one among the most lucrative and evergrowing segment from business perspective. No doubt why huge investments are made by companies in education sector.

Recently I got to know about Hungama’s tie up with Aptech. When I dig deeper into it, got to know about a new untapped segment to be aggressively tapped by Hungama, and the segment is called as mEducation.

What is mEducation?



mEducation means mobile education. While education sector already reached into e-learning and even DTH, the mobiled education was still untapped.

What’s going on?

Airtel and Hungama are aggressively moving forward to trap this segment. Some time back Airtel with Hungama launched  ‘CAT Fastrack’ pack – a 30 day crash course for CAT aspirants.

On same direction Airtel then partnered with Akash Education Institute to air the coaching on their digital TV channels too.

Hungama then partnered with Aptech (50:50 joint venture) The limited liability partnership is named as Aptech Hungama Digital Education, where Hungama team will create specific modules and courses with Aptech which will then be brought on media like mobile, DTH etc. Four verticals for courses will be, namely English and personality development, entrance examinations, K-12 segment and vocational education were identified by the team, as potential fields.

Market news are indicating a potential partnership between Hungama and NIIT in coming future.

What is Hungama Doing?

Hungama is trying to focus on Entrance Examination and Vocational Education as two broad segments. Partnership with Aptech and focus on NIIT is showing its drive towards Vocational Education and now with Akash Institute its clear that they are aggressive for entrance examinations too.

What can be predicted?

On this drive, we can expect the potential partnerships by Hungama digital with companies offering online/offline coaching for CAT, Medical, IIT and IAS Entrance examination.

How will the partnership work?? My views:

Hungama being a larger company they have their digital media vertical well established. While partnering with the companies, they must be looking to leverage their knowledge capital i.e the faculties, resource and experience earned over a period of time.

Using which, they can promote their products using their own digital media services vertical.

I believe the potential partners may be finding an opportunity to connect with a bigger brand like Hungama, where they will be getting tremendous visibility with them

At the same time, they might also have a fear of their brand getting diluted under the bigger umbrella brand of Hungama.

Lets see how the things moves on and if any more direct competitors comes for Hungama in this mEducation


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