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Twitter Campaign Anything4Jetta by Volkswagen

Twitter Campaign Anything4Jetta by Volkswagen

Twitter Campaign – Anything4Jetta

Yet another superb campaign by Volkswagen, this time they have used Social media.

It was like yet another normal office day, I logged in to Twitter and as a routine looked at the trends. It was #anything4Jetta at the top. It was curious to see what’s happening there. People are going crazy with it. I too get little deeper into it to see why Volkswagen decided to go Social.

Why Social campaign by Volkswagen:









If we look at the target segment for VolksWagen, we can observe that the demographics are changed a lot in last couple of years. 4-5 years back, to purchase a four wheeler in 12-15 lakhs segment; companies were targeting people in age group of 35-50 years. But now this has been changed to 25-35 years.

It means more youth, which is likely to use internet. Social media is a hot trend today, people want to share every in-n-out with the social community.

#Anything4Jetta Campaign:




Twitter trendz_Anything4jetta

Twitter trendz_Anything4jetta




The anything4Jetta campaign is leveraging this youth. The twitter campaign is giving it an avenue to reach to larger youth. More-over getting them participated in contest is creating an engagement. The competition is luring customers by offering some daily prizes for best tweets also giving an opportunity to win the grand Jetta itself.

People are driving crazy for it. You can see 100’s of tweets every minute to gauge the success of the campaign. Not just that Volkswagen has given a support of traditional and print media to give a boost to this online campaign.

My wishes to the team behind this campaign. Lets wish if I too be among the winners. 🙂

To know more about the campaign, Visit this link #anything4Jetta

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